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tabularx package

tabularxp :: PackageName Source #

tabularx package. Use it to import it like this:

usepackage [] tabularxp

tabularx commands

tabularx Source #


:: LaTeXC l 
=> Measure

Width of the whole tabular.

-> Maybe Pos

This optional parameter can be used to specify the vertical position of the table. Defaulted to Center.

-> [TableSpec]

Table specification of columns and vertical lines.

-> l

Table content. See &, lnbk, hline and cline.

-> l

Resulting table syntax.

The tabularx environment takes the same arguments as tabular*, but modifies the widths of certain columns, rather than the inter column space, to set a table with the requested total width. The columns that may stretch are marked with the new token X in the preamble argument.