HaTeX- The Haskell LaTeX library.

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This module provides functionality for check a LaTeX value for possibly undesired things (like the call to an undefined label), returning Warnings. These are called Warnings because they never terminate the program execution.


Warnings datatype

data Warning Source #

List of possible warnings.


UnusedLabel Text

There is an unused label. Argument is its name.

UndefinedLabel Text

There is a reference to an undefined label. Arguments is the name.


No class selected with documentclass.


No document inserted.

CustomWarning Text

Custom warning for custom checkings. Use it as you want.

Eq Warning Source # 
Instance details

Defined in Text.LaTeX.Base.Warnings


(==) :: Warning -> Warning -> Bool #

(/=) :: Warning -> Warning -> Bool #

Show Warning Source # 
Instance details

Defined in Text.LaTeX.Base.Warnings

data TeXCheck Source #

A TeXCheck is a function that checks possible warnings from a LaTeX value. Use the Monoid instance to combine check functions.

check :: TeXCheck -> LaTeX -> [Warning] Source #

Apply a checking.

checkFromFunction :: (LaTeX -> [Warning]) -> TeXCheck Source #

Build a TeXCheck from a function.

Several checkings

checkLabels :: TeXCheck Source #

Checking for unused labels or references tu undefined labels.

checkClass :: TeXCheck Source #

Check if a document class is specified for the document (using documentclass).

checkDoc :: TeXCheck Source #

Check if the document environment is called in a LaTeX.

Complete checking