HaskellForMaths-0.1.8: Combinatorics, group theory, commutative algebra, non-commutative algebra




newtype MPoly ord r Source

Type for multivariate polynomials. ord is a phantom type defining how terms are ordered, r is the type of the ring we are working over. For example, a common choice will be MPoly Grevlex Q, meaning polynomials over Q with the grevlex term ordering


MP [(Monomial ord, r)] 


Eq r => Eq (MPoly ord r) 
(Ord (Monomial ord), Fractional r) => Fractional (MPoly ord r) 
(Ord (Monomial ord), Num r) => Num (MPoly ord r) 
(Ord (Monomial ord), Ord r) => Ord (MPoly ord r) 
(Show r, Num r) => Show (MPoly ord r) 

var :: String -> MPoly Grevlex QSource

Create a variable with the supplied name. By convention, variable names should usually be a single letter followed by none, one or two digits.

toLex :: MPoly ord k -> MPoly Lex kSource

Convert a polynomial to lex term ordering

toGlex :: MPoly ord k -> MPoly Glex kSource

Convert a polynomial to glex term ordering

toGrevlex :: MPoly ord k -> MPoly Grevlex kSource

Convert a polynomial to grevlex term ordering