Changelog for Hipmunk-

Version =============== - Fixed a memory leak related to collision handlers. Version =============== - Always compile @wrapper.c@ and fix Haddock errors while handling Unicode. Thanks, Joachim Breitner. Version =============== - New system-chipmunk flag. When activated, the package will use the system-wide installed Chipmunk library. Thanks, Joachim Breitner. Version =============== - Update to Chipmunk 5.3.5 and bump dependencies to match GHC 7.2.1. (Thanks, Sönke Hahn!) - Now Sönke Hahn is also a Hipmunk maintainer. Awesome! Version =============== - Update to Chipmunk 5.3.4. Note, however, that not all functionality available in Chipmunk 5.3.4 is here yet. But the bug fixes and performance improvements are. - Fix linking bug present since Hipmunk 5.1.0. Thanks, Sönke Hahn. - Correctly destroy the space in the presence of callbacks. - Workaround difficult-to-reproduce bug in Chipmunk where the number of contact points in an arbiter would get garbage. When that happens (and the garbage does look like garbage) we give an empty list of contact points. Version =============== - Minor documentation fixes. Version 5.2.0 ============= - Use package StateVar for all variables. - Do not use Chipmunk's debug mode. Version 5.1.0 ============= - Updated to Chipmunk 5.0 revision 402. 'setElasticIterations' is now deprecated. - New, revamped callback system. See module "Physics.Hipmunk.Callbacks". - Support for the new ratchet joint. Thanks, Owen Anderson. - Support for limits on linear and angular velocities. - @shapePointQuery@ and @shapeSegmentQuery@ don't filter groups and layers anymore. Version 5.0.1 ============= - Updated dependencies for GHC 6.12. Thanks, dons. Version 5.0.0 ============= - Updated for a prerelease of Chipmunk 5.0 from subversion revision 192. Besides bugfixes this new version brings the long awaited new constraints type, doubling the number of different joint from four to nine. Version 0.2.2 ============= - Update Chipmunk to version 4.1.0. Version 0.2.1 ============= - Small fix for GHC 6.10. Thanks Pekka Karjalainen and Creighton Hogg for the reports, and sorry for the delay. Version 0.2 =========== - Fix a subtle bug within Space that would keep some ForeignPtr's alive longer than needed, thus leaking memory. Version 0.1 =========== - Initial public release.