Changelog for Hoed-0.3.0

0.2.2 Maarten Faddegon 14 2015 * Use a preprocessor to make the library work with GHC 7.10, but also for older versions of GHC. This is related to the "The Applicative Monad Proposal" and the changes to Template Haskell in GHC 7.10 that are not backward compatibility with earlier versions of GHC. 0.2.1 Maarten Faddegon 1 May 2015 * Small changes to make Hoed work with GHC 7.10 0.2.0 Maarten Faddegon 12 Feb 2015 * A threepenny-gui algorithmic debugger. * Construction of computation trees with just local annotations. Existing algorithmic debuggers for Haskell require a transformation of all modules in a program, even libraries that the user does not want to debug and which may use language features not supported by the debugger. This is a pity, because a promising approach to debugging is therefore not applicable to many real-world programs. We use the cost centre stack from the Glasgow Haskell Compiler profiling environment together with runtime value observations to collect enough information for algorithmic debugging. Maarten Faddegon 24 May 2014 * A tracer library based on Andy Gills HOOD v0.2. Allows to observe intermediate values. How values are observed can be derived with the Generic Deriving Mechanism, or generated with Template Haskell.