JuicyPixels- Picture loading/serialization (in png, jpeg, bitmap, gif, tga, tiff and radiance)

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Module implementing function to read and write Targa (*.tga) files.



decodeTga :: ByteString -> Either String DynamicImage Source

Transform a raw tga image to an image, without modifying the underlying pixel type.

This function can output the following pixel types:

  • PixelY8

    • PixelRGB8
    • PixelRGBA8

decodeTgaWithMetadata :: ByteString -> Either String (DynamicImage, Metadatas) Source

Equivalent to decodeTga but also provide metadata

class TgaSaveable a Source

This typeclass determine if a pixel can be saved in the TGA format.

Minimal complete definition

tgaDataOfImage, tgaPixelDepthOfImage, tgaTypeOfImage

encodeTga :: TgaSaveable px => Image px -> ByteString Source

Transform a compatible image to a raw bytestring representing a Targa file.

writeTga :: TgaSaveable pixel => FilePath -> Image pixel -> IO () Source

Helper function to directly write an image a tga on disk.