LDAP-0.6.4: Haskell binding for C LDAP API

MaintainerJohn Goerzen,




Maintainer : jgoerzen@complete.org Stability : provisional Portability: portable

Handling LDAP Exceptions

Written by John Goerzen, jgoerzen@complete.org



data LDAPException Source

The basic type of LDAP exceptions. These are raised when an operation does not indicate success.




code :: LDAPReturnCode

Numeric error code

description :: String

Description of error

caller :: String

Calling function

General Catching

catchLDAP :: IO a -> (LDAPException -> IO a) -> IO aSource

Execute the given IO action.

If it raises a LDAPException, then execute the supplied handler and return its return value. Otherwise, process as normal.

handleLDAP :: (LDAPException -> IO a) -> IO a -> IO aSource

Like catchLDAP, with the order of arguments reversed.

failLDAP :: IO a -> IO aSource

Catches LDAP errors, and re-raises them as IO errors with fail. Useful if you don't care to catch LDAP errors, but want to see a sane error message if one happens. One would often use this as a high-level wrapper around LDAP calls.