Changelog for LambdaHack-

0.2.0 * the LambdaHack engine becomes a Haskell library * the LambdaHack game depends on the engine library 0.2.1 * missiles flying for three turns (by an old kosmikus' idea) * visual feedback for targeting * animations of combat and individual monster moves 0.2.6 * the Main Menu * improved and configurable mode of squad combat * this is a minor release, primarily intended to fix the broken haddock documentation on Hackage * changes since 0.2.6 are mostly unrelated to gameplay: strictly typed config files split into UI and rules; a switch from Text to String throughout the codebase; use of the external library miniutter for English sentence generation 0.2.8 * cooperative and competitive multiplayer (shared-screen only in this version) * overhauled searching * rewritten engine code to have a single server that sends restricted game state updates to many fat clients, while a thin frontend layer multiplexes visuals from a subset of the clients 0.2.10 * screensaver game modes (AI vs AI) * improved AI (can now climbs stairs, etc.) * multiple, multi-floor staircases * multiple savefiles * configurable framerate and combat animations