LambdaHack- A roguelike game engine in early and active development

Safe HaskellNone



The type of cave layout kinds.



data CaveKind Source

Parameters for the generation of dungeon levels.




csymbol :: !Char

a symbol

cname :: !Text

short description

cfreq :: !Freqs

frequency within groups

cxsize :: !X

X size of the whole cave

cysize :: !Y

Y size of the whole cave

cgrid :: !RollDiceXY

the dimensions of the grid of places

cminPlaceSize :: !RollDiceXY

minimal size of places

cmaxPlaceSize :: !RollDiceXY

maximal size of places

cdarkChance :: !RollDeep

the chance a place is dark

cnightChance :: !RollDeep

the chance the cave is dark

cauxConnects :: !Rational

a proportion of extra connections

cmaxVoid :: !Rational

at most this proportion of rooms void

cminStairDist :: !Int

minimal distance between stairs

cdoorChance :: !Chance

the chance of a door in an opening

copenChance :: !Chance

if there's a door, is it open?

chidden :: !Int

if not open, hidden one in n times

citemNum :: !RollDice

the number of items in the cave

citemFreq :: ![(Int, Text)]

item groups to consider

cdefTile :: !Text

the default cave tile group name

cdarkCorTile :: !Text

the dark cave corridor tile group name

clitCorTile :: !Text

the dark cave corridor tile group name

cfillerTile :: !Text

the filler wall group name

cdarkLegendTile :: !Text

the dark place plan legend ground name

clitLegendTile :: !Text

the lit place plan legend ground name


cvalidate :: [CaveKind] -> [CaveKind]Source

Filter a list of kinds, passing through only the incorrect ones, if any.

Catch caves with not enough space for all the places. Check the size of the cave descriptions to make sure they fit on screen.