LambdaHack- A roguelike game engine in early and active development

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Game action monads and basic building blocks for human and computer player actions. Has no access to the the main action type. Does not export the liftIO operation nor a few other implementation details.


Action monads

updateConn :: (MonadAtomic m, MonadConnServer m) => (FactionId -> ChanFrontend -> ChanServer CmdClientUI CmdSer -> IO ()) -> (FactionId -> ChanServer CmdClientAI CmdSerTakeTime -> IO ()) -> m ()Source

Update connections to the new definition of factions. Connect to clients in old or newly spawned threads that read and write directly to the channels.

speedupCOps :: Bool -> COps -> COpsSource

Compute and insert auxiliary optimized components into game content, to be used in time-critical sections of the code.


Assorted primitives

dumpCfg :: MonadServer m => m StringSource

Dumps the current game rules configuration to a file.

mkConfigRules :: MonadServer m => Ops RuleKind -> Maybe StdGen -> m (Config, StdGen, StdGen)Source

Read and parse rules config file and supplement it with random seeds. This creates a server config file. Warning: when it's used, the game state may still be undefined, hence the content ops are given as an argument.

restoreScore :: MonadServer m => Config -> m ScoreTableSource

Read the high scores table. Return the empty table if no file. Warning: when it's used, the game state may still be undefined, hence the config is given as an argument.

rndToAction :: MonadServer m => Rnd a -> m aSource

Invoke pseudo-random computation with the generator kept in the state.

resetFidPerception :: MonadServer m => FactionId -> LevelId -> m ()Source

Update the cached perception for the selected level, for a faction. The assumption is the level, and only the level, has changed since the previous perception calculation.