LambdaHack- A game engine library for roguelike dungeon crawlers

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Breadth first search algorithms.


Public API

data BfsDistance Source

Weighted distance between points along shortest paths.

data MoveLegal Source

State of legality of moves between adjacent points.


apartBfs :: BfsDistance Source

The distance value that denote no legal path between points.

fillBfs Source


:: (Point -> Point -> MoveLegal)

is a move from known tile legal

-> (Point -> Point -> Bool)

is a move from unknown legal

-> Point

starting position

-> Array BfsDistance

initial array, with apartBfs

-> Array BfsDistance

array with calculated distances

Fill out the given BFS array.

findPathBfs :: (Point -> Point -> MoveLegal) -> (Point -> Point -> Bool) -> Point -> Point -> Int -> Array BfsDistance -> Maybe [Point] Source

Find a path, without the source position, with the smallest length. The eps coefficient determines which direction (or the closest directions available) that path should prefer, where 0 means north-west and 1 means north.

accessBfs :: Array BfsDistance -> Point -> Maybe Int Source

Access a BFS array and interpret the looked up distance value.

minKnownBfs :: BfsDistance Source

The minimal distance value assigned to paths that don't enter any unknown tiles.