LambdaHack- A game engine library for roguelike dungeon crawlers

Safe HaskellNone



Server and client game state types and operations.



data StateServer Source

Global, server state.




sdiscoKind :: !DiscoveryKind

full item kind discoveries data

sdiscoKindRev :: !DiscoveryKindRev

reverse map, used for item creation

sdiscoEffect :: !DiscoveryEffect

full item effect&Co data

sitemSeedD :: !ItemSeedDict

map from item ids to item seeds

sitemRev :: !ItemRev

reverse id map, used for item creation

sflavour :: !FlavourMap

association of flavour to items

sacounter :: !ActorId

stores next actor index

sicounter :: !ItemId

stores next item index

sprocessed :: !(EM.EnumMap LevelId Time)

actors are processed up to this time

sundo :: ![CmdAtomic]

atomic commands performed to date

sper :: !Pers

perception of all factions

srandom :: !R.StdGen

current random generator

srngs :: !RNGs

initial random generators

squit :: !Bool

exit the game loop

swriteSave :: !Bool

write savegame to a file now

sstart :: !ClockTime

this session start time

sgstart :: !ClockTime

this game start time

sallTime :: !Time

clips since the start of the session

sheroNames :: !(EM.EnumMap FactionId [(Int, (Text, Text))])

hero names sent by clients

sdebugSer :: !DebugModeSer

current debugging mode

sdebugNxt :: !DebugModeSer

debugging mode for the next game

emptyStateServer :: StateServer Source

Initial, empty game server state.