LambdaHack- A game engine library for roguelike dungeon crawlers

Safe HaskellNone



High score table operations.



data ScoreTable Source

The list of scores, in decreasing order.

empty :: ScoreTableSource

Empty score table



:: ScoreTable

old table

-> Int

the total value of faction items

-> Time

game time spent

-> Status

reason of the game interruption

-> ClockTime

current date

-> Int

difficulty level

-> Text

name of the faction's gplayer

-> EnumMap (Id ItemKind) Int

allies lost

-> EnumMap (Id ItemKind) Int

foes killed

-> Bool

whether the faction fights against spawners

-> (Bool, (ScoreTable, Int)) 

Register a new score in a score table.

showScore :: (Int, ScoreRecord) -> [Text]Source

Show a single high score, from the given ranking in the high score table.



:: ScoreTable

current score table

-> Int

position of the current score in the table

-> Slideshow 

Generate a slideshow with the current and previous scores.

data ScoreRecord Source

A single score record. Records are ordered in the highscore table, from the best to the worst, in lexicographic ordering wrt the fields below.