LambdaHack- A game engine library for roguelike dungeon crawlers

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The main loop of the client, processing human and computer player moves turn by turn.



class MonadClient m => MonadClientReadResponse m where Source #

Client monad in which one can receive responses from the server.

Minimal complete definition


loopCli :: (MonadClientSetup m, MonadClientUI m, MonadClientAtomic m, MonadClientReadResponse m, MonadClientWriteRequest m) => KeyKind -> UIOptions -> ClientOptions -> m () Source #

The main game loop for an AI or UI client. It receives responses from the server, changes internal client state accordingly, analyzes ensuing human or AI commands and sends resulting requests to the server. Depending on whether it's an AI or UI client, it sends AI or human player requests.

The loop is started in client state that is empty except for the sside and seps fields, see emptyStateClient.

Internal operations

initAI :: MonadClient m => m () Source #