LambdaHack- A game engine library for tactical squad ASCII roguelike dungeon crawlers

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Semantics of Game.LambdaHack.Client.UI.HumanCmd client commands that do not return server requests,, but only change internal client state. None of such commands takes game time.


Meta commands

Local commands

chooseItemHuman :: MonadClientUI m => ItemDialogMode -> m MError Source #

Display items from a given container store and possibly let the user chose one.

psuitReq :: (MonadClient m, MonadClientUI m) => m (Either Text (ItemFull -> Either ReqFailure (Point, Bool))) Source #

On top of permittedProjectClient, it also checks legality of aiming at the target and projection range. It also modifies eps.

memberCycleHuman :: MonadClientUI m => m MError Source #

Switch current member to the next on the viewed level, if any, wrapping.

memberBackHuman :: MonadClientUI m => m MError Source #

Switch current member to the previous in the whole dungeon, wrapping.

Commands specific to aiming

cancelHuman :: MonadClientUI m => m () Source #

End aiming mode, rejecting the current position.

acceptHuman :: (MonadClient m, MonadClientUI m) => m () Source #

Accept the current x-hair position as target, ending aiming mode, if active.

moveXhairHuman :: MonadClientUI m => Vector -> Int -> m MError Source #

Move the xhair. Assumes aiming mode.

aimTgtHuman :: MonadClientUI m => m MError Source #

Start aiming.

aimFloorHuman :: MonadClientUI m => m () Source #

Cycle aiming mode. Do not change position of the xhair, switch among things at that position.

aimAscendHuman :: MonadClientUI m => Int -> m MError Source #

Change the displayed level in aiming mode to (at most) k levels shallower. Enters aiming mode, if not already in one.

epsIncrHuman :: (MonadClient m, MonadClientUI m) => Bool -> m () Source #

Tweak the eps parameter of the aiming digital line.

Internal operations

xhairLegalEps :: MonadClientUI m => m (Either Text Int) Source #

Check whether one is permitted to aim (for projecting) at a target. The check is stricter for actor targets, assuming the player simply wants to hit a single actor. In order to fine tune trick-shots, e.g., piercing many actors, other aiming modes should be used. Returns a different seps if needed to reach the target.

Note: Simple Perception check is not enough for the check, e.g., because the target actor can be obscured by a glass wall.

eitherHistory :: forall m. MonadClientUI m => Bool -> m () Source #

endAiming :: (MonadClient m, MonadClientUI m) => m () Source #

End aiming mode, accepting the current position.

doLook :: MonadClientUI m => m () Source #

Perform look around in the current position of the xhair. Does nothing outside aiming mode.