Changelog for MagicHaskeller- * add functions for incremental learning to the library * support GHC 8.0 * enable selecting functions individually * Fix some bugs in CGI. Now you do not need to use GHC 7.4 even for building the CGI. * Fix some bugs and misfeatures in CGI * Replace the "Interpreted as ..." with more informative "Corrected with ..." in CGI * Add this changelog.txt * Implement copy by drag-and-drop * Add the build time to versionInfo, which is shown in the CGI frontend and by the :version command * Use the time package instead of old-time, and use UTC * Fix the stupid bug of regarding Int as RealFrac, which crept into * Enable documentation of language constructs, such as let, in, if, then, else, etc., when typed in as a word. * Fix documentation of operators starting with `:', which used to cause the `command unknown' error * Fix and support ProgGen again * Support hscolour, by converting Japanese comments into UTF-8 * Use optLevel 2 (corresponding to -O2) when compiling the query to the server * Remove -O2, -fvia-C, and Flag GHC7 from the .cabal file * Fix indentation in the Cabal file, which caused the wrong dependency * Suppress warnings * Add package description * Support GHC 7.10 * Bundle the `predicates' files * Make buildable with Windows * many changes, which may be itemized here in the future