MetaHDBC-0.1.4: Statically checked database access

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fromSqlTypeId :: SqlTypeId -> ExpQ Source

Given a SqlTypeId it returns a function f which transforms a SqlValue into another type. The return type of f is dependent upon the value of SqlTypeId. The function f is encapsulated in an ExpQ. Also see toSqlTypeId.

toSqlTypeId :: SqlTypeId -> ExpQ Source

The opposite of fromSqlTypeId in that it returns a function from a type to SqlValue. Similarly the function is returned in a ExpQ. See fromSqlTypeId.

fromSqlColDesc :: SqlColDesc -> ExpQ Source

Like fromSqlTypeId but also considers if the SqlValue is nullable.

toSqlColDesc :: SqlColDesc -> ExpQ Source

Like toSqlTypeId but also considers if the SqlValue is nullable.