MutationOrder- Most likely order of mutation events in RNA

Safe HaskellNone




aInside :: Monad m => ScaleFunction -> Landscape -> SigEdgeProb m (Log Double) (Log Double) ((Int :. From) :. To) (Int :. To) Source #

Before using aInside the ScoreMat needs to be scaled

TODO the Edge needs to be an EdgeWithActive to get the active bits on the left in the set.

edgeProbPartFun :: ScaleFunction -> Landscape -> ([(Boundary Last I, Log Double)], [(EdgeBoundary C, Log Double)]) Source #

Extract the individual partition scores.

edgeProbScoreMatrix :: Landscape -> [Log Double] -> [(EdgeBoundary C, Log Double)] -> ScoreMatrix (Log Double) Source #

Turn the edge probabilities into a score matrix.