Changelog for NetSNMP- - 01. December 2016 * Taking out the duplcate checking to mkSnmpBulkGet was a total mistake snmpbulkget reads beyond the needed parts whereas bulkwalk stays within the subtree of the requested OID. Thus snmpbulkget is actually returning duplicate results which is ok. They will be filtered in the bulkWalk part Will deprecate the on hackage. - 14. November 2016 * Throw an error on duplicate OIDs in the mkSnmpBulkGet response - 14. November 2016 * Throw an error on duplicate OIDs in the bulkWalk response - 26. April 2016 * Export snmpBulkWalkN to be able to control the amount of repetiotions in the SNMP BulkWalk Command. Courtesy of Kyle McKean ( - 11. April 2016 * Fix parsing IPs. Issue #4 ( In the prevois code, "" converts to "\NUL.\NUL.\NUL.\NUL" Thanks to lievenm ( for pointing it out. * Remove the dependency on utf8-string. Using ByteString.Char8 instead since the oids we were decoding as utf8 before, are number after all and should not be in UTF8 range anyway - 19. June 2015 * Make the library compile with GHC 7.10.1 - 19. April 2014 * Make the library work on Debian 7 with ByteString 0.9 * OIDpart type is hacked to work correctly on OS X * Tied the OIDPart to the correct C Type of the oid. NOTE: This breaks the code on the OS X and we don't know why The oid of the SNMP Result can not be read correctly * Reduced the default number of max-repetitions in Bulk PDUs to 30. The previous value caused oversized responses on Extreme Network switches. * Fixed a bug, where instead of 32 bit, the OID part was set to CLong, which became 64 bit in base 4.5 0.3.* * Switch from Strings to ByteStrings 0.2.* * Implementation includes snmpBulkWalk