OpenGL- A binding for the OpenGL graphics system

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MaintainerSven Panne <>
Safe HaskellNone




This module correspons with section 2.20.2 (Program Objects) of the OpenGL 3.1 spec.


Program Objects

newtype Program Source




programID :: GLuint

bindFragDataLocation :: Program -> String -> SettableStateVar DrawBufferIndexSource

bindFragDataLocation binds a varying variable, specified by program and name, to a drawbuffer. The effects only take place after succesfull linking of the program. invalid arguments and conditions are - an index larger than maxDrawBufferIndex - names starting with gl_ linking failure will ocure when - one of the arguments was invalid - more than one varying varuable name is bound to the same index It's not an error to specify unused variables, those will be ingored.

getFragDataLocation :: Program -> String -> IO (Maybe DrawBufferIndex)Source

query the binding of a given variable, specified by program and name. The program has to be linked. The result is Nothing if an error occures or the name is not a name of a varying variable. If the program hasn't been linked an InvalidOperation error is generated.