PCLT-0.1: Extension to Show: templating, catalogizing, languages, parameters, etc.



Functions from this module isn't used for catalog formation. It's not very wise to have two similar codes of catalog maths here and in module Text.PCLT.MakeCatalog, since it raises double maintenence problem. Perhaps the problem will be solved in future versions.

The math's errors, however, seems to be of use in other modules.



addLngTpl_toPCLT :: PCLT_ID -> (LanguageName, LocalizedTemplate) -> LocalizableTemplate -> PCLT_InnerConfig -> (LocalizableTemplate, [AddLngTpl_toPCLT_Error])Source

Adds localized template as a special case of localizable template.

addPCLT_toPCLT :: PCLT_ID -> LocalizableTemplate -> LocalizableTemplate -> PCLT_InnerConfig -> (LocalizableTemplate, [AddPCLT_toPCLT_Error])Source

Adds up localizable templates, their localized cases.