PCLT-0.1: Extension to Show: templating, catalogizing, languages, parameters, etc.



Simply saying: with SDL we regulate, how much some Reader (of our generated messages) wishes (is allowed) to see.

"SDL" is an abbreviation for "Show Detalization Level". Perhaps it better sound "Representation Detalization Level", but it was too late to change term - too many variables has names sdl, and author is too lazy to change them on rdls. However, "Representation Detalization Level" version is sometimes used - it is to be understood as synonym to SDL. Term "Detailizable content (message)" in this package has a following meaning: some content, representing which it is possible to regulate, in how much of details it is to be represented.



data SDLModus Source

SDL may be seen in two different moduses:

  • as a requirement for representation by a localizable template: "SDL of repesentation reciever must be equal or bigger then that, orelse message from this template won't be generated"
  • as an allocateion to a repesentation reciever.

marginOfSDLModus :: SDLModus -> ShowDetalizationLevelSource

In case, if SDL (of reciever of template requirement) is unclear, and if it is allowed by config - then SDL gets assigned according to margin:

  • if modus is allocation to reciever - the we give him Zero_SDL (minimum)
  • if modus is requirement by template - the we give him InfinitelyBig_SDL (maximum)