PCLT-DB-0.1.1: An addon to PCLT package: enchance PCLT catalog with PostgreSQL powers.



For representation of AddressedReadFromDBError a special trick is used. SDL requirements for representation of error is referenced to be the same as specified for template with such ID:

"ARFDBE_SDLR." ++ (show $ arfdbeEntityType err)

So, whenever an instance of ReadableFromDB is declared, in order to make AddressedReadFromDBError show correctly, developer must also add an empty template with corresponding ID to PCLT catalog.

For example, template with ID "ARFDBE_SDLR.Text.PCLT.Config.PCLT_InnerConfig" is to be added, when PCLT_InnerConfig is made an instance of ReadableFromDB. The content of this template is not important - just leave it empty, it's never shown. Only it's SDL requirement is important and is used.

In order to keep (show $ arfdbeEntityType err) string as short as possible it's recommended to use newtype, when type is composite, like tuple, Either, Map etc.