Changelog for SourceGraph-

Changes in ================== * Update to take into account API changes of libraries. Changes in ================== * Only consider buildable executables for Cabal-based analyses. * Also buildable with haskell-src-exts-1.7.* Changes in ================== * Also buildable with haskell-src-exts-1.6.* Changes in ================== * Fix up background colours for nested directories in import visualisation. Changes in ================== * Now supports "implicitly exported" entities (as requested by Curt Sampson). This includes instantiated class methods from other modules and functions, etc. that start with an underscore (see for more information). * All inaccessible entities are now reported, not just those that were root nodes in the call graph. * Edges are now colour-coded based upon whether they are part of a clique, cycle or a chain. * Level-based analyses: visualise how deep an entity is from those exported entities. * The generated Dot code for the visualisations is also saved. Changes in ================== * Class instances now drawn correctly. * Better colour support. * Now has a legend. * Clean up printing of cliques, etc. Changes in ================== * Shift overall analysis to the top and per-module analysis to the end, as suggested by Duncan Coutts. * Graph drawing fixups: instances are now drawn correctly, and the module graph now has modules located in the correct directory. * Improve some graph drawing aspects (node margins, colours for module graphs, etc.). Changes in ================== * Add support for passing a single Haskell source file rather than a Cabal file as the argument, as requested by Curt Sampson. * Shade backgrounds of modules when clustering Entities. * RelativeNeighbourhood doesn't provide good alternate modules and takes up too much runtime, and so has been removed. Changes in ================== * Re-write of parsing. * Usage of new graphviz and Graphalyze features. * More abstraction into common routines into Analyse.Utils