Changelog for TV-0.2

Version 0.2: * Simplified exports in src/Interface/TV.hs. Now just exports by module rather than by entity. Also re-export DeepArrow modules. * Moved GUI functionality out to a new package "GuiTV". Removed dependency on Phooey and (indirectly) wxHaskell, as the latter can be difficult to install. Version 0.1.1: * Changed all files to *nix-style line endings. Version 0.1: * Removed iEmpty & iEmpty and corresponding constructors. Generate dynamic errors earlier rather than later. * Removed ICompose & OCompose constructors. Redefined iCompose and oCompose (and consequently fmap on inputs and cofmap on outputs) to work only on (possibly titled) primitives. I don't know how to implement the DeepArrow algebra with OCompose. * Added wrapO and wrapAO, sort of analogous (or dual) to wrapF. I'm not sure the name is a great choice. I've also considered "unwrapO". * Added readShow, defined via wrapO. * Redefined interactRSOut via readShow and renamed "interactLineRS". Added "interactRS". * Added fromFile & toFile TV functions. * Added fileOut * Moved Grading example from src/Examples.hs to src/Grading.hs * Added "short lines" example to src/Examples.hs. * Added type alias RunTV for defining types of runTV specializations, such as runUI and runIO.