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Partial values
Support for arrow partial value arrow

A monoid Partial of partial values. See the [Teaser] and [Solution] blog posts.

: http://conal-elliott.blogspot.com/2007/07/type-for-partial-values.html [Solution]: http://conal-elliott.blogspot.com/2007/07/implementing-type-for-partial-values.html

Also defines a FunAble instance, so that FunA Partial is an arrow.

type Partial = Endo
type PartialX a b = Partial a -> Partial b
valp :: c -> Partial c
pval :: Partial c -> c
pUnElt :: Functor f => PartialX a (f a)
pUnArg :: PartialX u (u -> v)
pUnRes :: PartialX v (u -> v)
pUnSrc :: PartialX a ((a -> b) -> o)
Partial values
type Partial = EndoSource
Partial value. Represented an endomorphism, which is a Monoid under id and '(.)'. Then mempty is the completely undefined value, and in u `@'mappend'@` v, v selectively replaces parts of u. The Endo instances for Pair, Unpair, Copair, Unfun, and Cofun are all very useful on partial values.
type PartialX a b = Partial a -> Partial bSource
valp :: c -> Partial cSource
Treat a full value as a partial one. Fully overrides any "previous" (earlier argument to mappend) partial value.
pval :: Partial c -> cSource
Force a partial value into a full one, filling in bottom for any missing parts.
pUnElt :: Functor f => PartialX a (f a)Source
Inverse to "element" access, on all elements. A way to inject some info about every element. For f, consider '[]', (->) a, Event, etc.
pUnArg :: PartialX u (u -> v)Source
Provide in info about a function argument
pUnRes :: PartialX v (u -> v)Source
Provide info about a function result
pUnSrc :: PartialX a ((a -> b) -> o)Source
Inject a partial argument-source into a partial function-sink.
Support for arrow partial value arrow
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