Changelog for UISF-

changelog In big news, the whole GLFW back end was removed and replaced with GLUT. This should hopefully improve stability and make future updates easier. The code is also somewhat parameterized on the back end, meaning that it can accept alternate rendering options fairly easily. I encourage users to write rendering functions for the new Graphic type and submit pull requests. NEW FEATURES * Added scrollable widget * Added displayField widget * Added new settable widgets (named ***S) that allow one to programmatically set data within widgets. * Extended the Color data type to include the common UI grays. * ArrowIO updated to include terminalIO function BUG FIXES/ADJUSTMENTS * removed implicit delay from accum (this also affects hold) * removed implicit delay from listbox * Restructured Layout data type (layout smart constructors are unaffected) * histogram widgets no longer normalize their input data by default (also fixed some graphical issues) RENAMED/MOVED * ArrowTime has been replaced with an ArrowReader DeltaT instance * Old asynchronous functions have been replaced with new ones * Widget constructors moved to their own module REMOVED/DEPRECATED: * textboxE has been deprecated and replaced with textbox * mergeE and (~++) have been deprecated * UIParams no longer export a constructor (use defaultUIParams with record syntax updates) * Added changelog * Fixed a bug with nested focusable widgets incorrectly focusing * Fixed some bugs in examples, also cleaned up example code to be clearer and more concise * Fixed a bug causing translateGraphic to not nest properly