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Packed Vector Types
Packed Matrix Types.
Packed vectors : use these whenever possible. The regular vector type is just a gussied up linked list, but when vector functions are applied to these types, bracketed by pack and unpack, then things unfold into perfectly optimized code.
data Vec2I = Vec2I !!Int !!Int
data Vec3I = Vec3I !!Int !!Int !!Int
data Vec4I = Vec4I !!Int !!Int !!Int !!Int
data Vec2F = Vec2F !!Float !!Float
data Vec3F = Vec3F !!Float !!Float !!Float
data Vec4F = Vec4F !!Float !!Float !!Float !!Float
data Vec2D = Vec2D !!Double !!Double
data Vec3D = Vec3D !!Double !!Double !!Double
data Vec4D = Vec4D !!Double !!Double !!Double !!Double
type Mat22I = Vec2 Vec2I
type Mat23I = Vec2 Vec3I
type Mat33I = Vec3 Vec3I
type Mat34I = Vec3 Vec4I
type Mat44I = Vec4 Vec3I
type Mat22F = Vec2 Vec2F
type Mat23F = Vec2 Vec3F
type Mat33F = Vec3 Vec3F
type Mat34F = Vec3 Vec4F
type Mat44F = Vec4 Vec3F
type Mat22D = Vec2 Vec2D
type Mat23D = Vec2 Vec3D
type Mat33D = Vec3 Vec3D
type Mat34D = Vec3 Vec4D
type Mat44D = Vec4 Vec4D
packMat :: (Map v pv m pm, PackedVec pv v) => m -> pm
unpackMat :: (Map pv v pm m, PackedVec pv v) => pm -> m
class PackedVec pv v | pv -> v where
pack :: v -> pv
unpack :: pv -> v
Packed Vector Types
data Vec2I Source
Vec2I !!Int !!Int
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data Vec3I Source
Vec3I !!Int !!Int !!Int
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data Vec4I Source
Vec4I !!Int !!Int !!Int !!Int
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data Vec2F Source
Vec2F !!Float !!Float
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data Vec3F Source
Vec3F !!Float !!Float !!Float
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data Vec4F Source
Vec4F !!Float !!Float !!Float !!Float
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data Vec2D Source
Vec2D !!Double !!Double
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data Vec3D Source
Vec3D !!Double !!Double !!Double
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data Vec4D Source
Vec4D !!Double !!Double !!Double !!Double
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Packed Matrix Types.
type Mat22I = Vec2 Vec2ISource
type Mat23I = Vec2 Vec3ISource
type Mat33I = Vec3 Vec3ISource
type Mat34I = Vec3 Vec4ISource
type Mat44I = Vec4 Vec3ISource
type Mat22F = Vec2 Vec2FSource
type Mat23F = Vec2 Vec3FSource
type Mat33F = Vec3 Vec3FSource
type Mat34F = Vec3 Vec4FSource
type Mat44F = Vec4 Vec3FSource
type Mat22D = Vec2 Vec2DSource
type Mat23D = Vec2 Vec3DSource
type Mat33D = Vec3 Vec3DSource
type Mat34D = Vec3 Vec4DSource
type Mat44D = Vec4 Vec4DSource
packMat :: (Map v pv m pm, PackedVec pv v) => m -> pmSource
pack a matrix
unpackMat :: (Map pv v pm m, PackedVec pv v) => pm -> mSource
unpack a matrix
class PackedVec pv v | pv -> v whereSource
PackedVec class : relates a packed vector type to its unpacked type For now, the fundep is not bijective -- It may be advantageous to have multiple packed representations for a canonical vector type. This may change. In the meantime, you may have to annotate return types.
pack :: v -> pvSource
unpack :: pv -> vSource
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