Changelog for Win32-services-0.4

# 0.4 series ## 0.4 * First released version that works for 64-bit GHC. Before it only worked with 32-bit GHC. # 0.3 series ## 0.3.1 * Make it work with 64-bit GHC. * Update examples, to use ErrCode and Success from System.Win32.Error ## 0.3 * Bumped the version number. # 0.2 series ## * bugfix in "simple" example. ## 0.2.5 * Update library dependencies to support GHC 7.10.1. * Remove dependency on "errors" library. ## 0.2.4 * bug fix: eRROR_SERVICE_SPECIFIC_ERROR was mapped to the wrong code. * Add upper-version bounds to build dependencies. ## 0.2.3 * Update library dependencies to support GHC 7.8. ## 0.2.2 * Update library dependencies to support GHC 7.6. ## 0.2.1 * bug fix: Services were failing to enter a STOPPED state. It is now the user's responsibility to enter a stopped state in the service main function. The 'startServiceCtrlDispatcher' function will continue to automatically put the service into a START_PENDING state. ## 0.2 * Writing services of the WIN32_OWN_PROCESS type is now easier. Handler registration is performed automatically. By the time the service main function is entered, the service will already be in the 'START_PENDING' state. It is the user's responsibility to enter the 'RUNNING' state as soon as possible. * Once the service main function exits two things will occur. The service will enter the 'STOPPED' state, and the handler function will be freed. * The 'registerServiceCtrlHandlerEx' function is no longer exported. Handlers are registered automatically by the 'startServiceCtrlDispatcher' function. * The 'queryServiceStatus' function has been added. # 0.1 series ## 0.1 * First release