Changelog for Wordlint-

2015-02-19 - version ============================ This version brings breaking changes if you typically use a non-default set of linting arguments. - Command line arguments -w/--wordlength, -d/--distance and -t/--type have been removed. - The -m/--matchlength replaces -w/--wordlength - The-w/--words, -l/--lines, and -p/--percent take Int/Int/Double, respectively. The parameter itself represents the type of lint you wish to perform, while the argument provided by the user indicates the maximum distance between matches. - Intersecting lints have been added. The type/distance arguments provided (or not) are used to create a set of lists. The intersection of these lists is provided as the end result. - Some granularity in the human-readable data has been lost. Due to the addition of intersecting lints, all final results are treated as Doubles, and the "intervening distance" between word pairs are unlabeled. This is no issue if running one type of lint, but with more, it is difficult to sort out which unit is being provided. - Wordlint.hs has been heavily manicured. - Wordlint.Linters and the `Linter` datatype and associated functions have been taken the place of the `run*Linter` family of functions in Wordlint.hs - Wordlint.Output has been added to house the Human/Machine functions from Wordlint.hs. These functions have been pruned and some higher-level functions added. 2014-12-01 - version ============================ - Changed "-s vim" to "-s error". - Changed output of "-s error" to produce better, text editor-agnostic output. 2014-11-25 - version ============================= - Added labels to machine-readable output table.