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Package accelerate-llvm-ptx-
Install DependencyFailed accelerate-llvm-ptx-
Docs NotTried
Tests NotTried
Time submitted 2018-01-08 02:06:11.238016721 UTC
Compiler ghc-8.2.2
OS linux
Arch x86_64
Dependencies accelerate-, accelerate-llvm-, base-, bytestring-, containers-, cuda-, deepseq-, directory-, dlist-, fclabels-, file-embed-, filepath-, hashable-, llvm-hs-5.1.3, llvm-hs-pure-5.1.2, mtl-2.2.1, nvvm-, pretty-, process-, template-haskell-, time-, unordered-containers-
Flags -unsafe-checks -nvvm -internal-checks -debug bounds-checks

Build log

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Resolving dependencies...
Configuring abstract-deque-0.3...
Configuring atomic-primops-
Building abstract-deque-0.3...
Building atomic-primops-
Installed abstract-deque-0.3
Configuring base-orphans-0.6...
Installed atomic-primops-
Configuring colour-2.3.4...
Building base-orphans-0.6...
Building colour-2.3.4...
Installed base-orphans-0.6
Configuring cuda-
Failed to install cuda-
Build log ( /home/builder/.cabal/logs/ghc-8.2.2/cuda- ):
cabal: Entering directory '/tmp/cabal-tmp-6606/cuda-'
[1 of 1] Compiling Main             ( /tmp/cabal-tmp-6606/cuda-, /tmp/cabal-tmp-6606/cuda- )
Linking /tmp/cabal-tmp-6606/cuda- ...
Configuring cuda-

The configuration process failed to locate your CUDA installation. Ensure that
you have installed both the developer driver and toolkit, available from:


and make sure that `nvcc` is available in your PATH, or set the CUDA_PATH
environment variable appropriately. Check the above output log and run the
command directly to ensure it can be located.

If you have a non-standard installation, you can add additional search paths
using --extra-include-dirs and --extra-lib-dirs. Note that 64-bit Linux
flavours often require both `lib64` and `lib` library paths, in that order.

cabal: Leaving directory '/tmp/cabal-tmp-6606/cuda-'
Configuring data-default-class-
Building data-default-class-
Installed colour-2.3.4
Installed data-default-class-
cabal: Error: some packages failed to install:
accelerate-llvm-ptx- depends on
accelerate-llvm-ptx- which failed to install.
cuda- failed during the configure step. The
exception was:
ExitFailure 1
nvvm- depends on nvvm- which failed to