ace-0.6: Attempto Controlled English parser and printer

Safe HaskellSafe-Inferred



Pretty printing types and classes.



class Pretty p where Source

Pretty print a syntax tree node to a string.


pretty :: p -> Builder Source


Pretty UniversalGlobalQuantor 
Pretty SaxonGenitiveMarker 
Pretty Pronoun 
Pretty PossessivePronoun 
Pretty GeneralizedQuantor 
Pretty DistributiveMarker 
Pretty DistributiveGlobalQuantor 
Pretty Determiner 
Pretty Copula 
Pretty Coord 
Pretty Aux 
Pretty ExistentialGlobalQuestionQuantor 
Pretty ExistentialGlobalQuantor 
Pretty NumberP 
Pretty AdjectiveCoord 
Pretty Specifier 
Pretty Adverb 
Pretty AdverbialPP 
Pretty VModifier 
Pretty IntransitiveAdjective 
Pretty DistransitiveV 
Pretty TransitiveV 
Pretty IntransitiveV 
Pretty PhrasalParticle 
Pretty PhrasalIntransitiveV 
Pretty Compl 
Pretty TransitiveAdjective 
Pretty AP 
Pretty APgrad 
Pretty APCoord 
Pretty CopulaCompl 
Pretty PhrasalDistransitiveV 
Pretty PhrasalTransitiveV 
Pretty ComplV 
Pretty AdverbCoord 
Pretty V' 
Pretty VP 
Pretty GenitiveN' 
Pretty GenitiveSpecifier 
Pretty VPCoord 
Pretty RelativeClause 
Pretty SaxonGenitiveTail 
Pretty GenitiveCoordTail 
Pretty GenitiveTail 
Pretty PossessivePronounCoord 
Pretty ProperName 
Pretty GenitiveNPCoord 
Pretty PossessiveNPCoord 
Pretty RelativeClauseCoord 
Pretty Variable 
Pretty Quotation 
Pretty Apposition 
Pretty ApposCoord 
Pretty Preposition 
Pretty PP 
Pretty N 
Pretty NP 
Pretty N' 
Pretty UnmarkedNPCoord 
Pretty NPCoord 
Pretty ExistentialTopic 
Pretty Sentence 
Pretty NegatedSentence 
Pretty ConditionalSentence 
Pretty CompositeSentence 
Pretty UniversalTopic 
Pretty TopicalizedSentence 
Pretty SentenceCoord_3 
Pretty SentenceCoord_2 
Pretty SentenceCoord_1 
Pretty SentenceCoord 
Pretty Specification 
Pretty a => Pretty (Maybe a)

Prints no string if nothing.