Changelog for aeson-diff-


* Relax upper bound on base dependency for Stackage LTS-9.


* aeson-diff can now, optionally, generate a test operation before each

* Add '--test-before-remove' option to 'json-diff' command.

* Add 'Config' type and 'diff'' to allow optional behaviours.


* Remove the `patch'` function before anyone gets attached to it.

* Remove the 'Value' which was carried by the 'Rem' operation constructor.

* Move 'Pointer' and 'Patch' types and operations into separate modules.

aeson-diff 1.0

* aeson-diff now supports the operations and patch format described in
  RFC 6902.

* The `patch` function now returns in the 'Result' monad from the aeson

* Add a `patch'` function throws an exception instead.

* The command line applications no longer pretend to support a non-JSON
  patch format.

aeson-diff 0.1

* Initial release.