aivika-1.2: A multi-paradigm simulation library

MaintainerDavid Sorokin <>
Safe HaskellSafe-Inferred



Tested with: GHC 7.6.3

An imperative vector.



data Vector a Source

Represents a resizable vector.

newVector :: IO (Vector a)Source

Create a new vector.

copyVector :: Vector a -> IO (Vector a)Source

Copy the vector.

vectorCount :: Vector a -> IO IntSource

Return the element count.

appendVector :: Vector a -> a -> IO ()Source

Add the specified element to the end of the vector.

readVector :: Vector a -> Int -> IO aSource

Read a value from the vector, where indices are started from 0.

writeVector :: Vector a -> Int -> a -> IO ()Source

Set an array item at the specified index which is started from 0.

vectorBinarySearch :: Ord a => Vector a -> a -> IO IntSource

Return the index of the specified element using binary search; otherwise, a negated insertion index minus one: 0 -> -0 - 1, ..., i -> -i - 1, ....

vectorInsert :: Vector a -> Int -> a -> IO ()Source

Insert the element in the vector at the specified index.

vectorDeleteAt :: Vector a -> Int -> IO ()Source

Delete the element at the specified index.

vectorIndex :: Eq a => Vector a -> a -> IO IntSource

Return the index of the item or -1.

freezeVector :: Vector a -> IO (Array Int a)Source

Return the elements of the vector in an immutable array.