alfred-0.3.1: utility library for Alfred version 2

Portabilitynon-portable (GHC Extensions)
MaintainerPatrick Bahr <>
Safe HaskellNone



This module provides utility functions to query web APIs. These queries can then be used to feed Alfred with suggestions.



xmlQueryLazy :: (GenericXMLString a, GenericXMLString b) => Text -> Query (Node a b)Source

Lazy variant of xmlQueryLazy. This function may be useful if results tend to be lengthy and only a small prefix of the result is used.

escapeString :: String -> StringSource

Escapes the string for use in a URL.

escapeText :: Text -> TextSource

Escapes the text for use in a URL.

type Query a = Query' Text aSource

Type representing queries for use in runScript.

transformQuery :: (a -> b) -> Query' q a -> Query' q bSource

Functorial map for Query'.

type Query' q a = q -> IO (Either Text a)Source

Alternative type representing queries for use in runScript'.