alga-0.1.0: Algorithmic automation for various DAWs

Safe HaskellNone




type AlgaBackend = AutoMap -> IOSArrow XmlTree XmlTree Source

ALGA backend is a function that takes AutoMap and returns arrow that patches XML configuration accordingly for given DAW.

topDefs :: HasEnv m => m [String] Source

Generate collection of “top-level” definitions (i.e. definitions that are directly represent aspects of automation track, not auxiliary parts in other definitions).

patchAuto Source


:: (MonadIO m, HasEnv m) 
=> Natural

Seed for random number generator

-> Double

Duration as number of whole notes

-> Path Abs File

Path to file to path

-> AlgaBackend

Backed (arrow that will patch XML)

-> m Int

Exit code

Patch XML document containing automation settings for given DAW.