amazonka-cloudfront-0.3.3: Amazon CloudFront SDK.

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Request constructor

listInvalidations Source

ListInvalidations constructor.

The fields accessible through corresponding lenses are:

Request lenses

liMarker :: Lens' ListInvalidations (Maybe Text) Source

Use this parameter when paginating results to indicate where to begin in your list of invalidation batches. Because the results are returned in decreasing order from most recent to oldest, the most recent results are on the first page, the second page will contain earlier results, and so on. To get the next page of results, set the Marker to the value of the NextMarker from the current page's response. This value is the same as the ID of the last invalidation batch on that page.

liMaxItems :: Lens' ListInvalidations (Maybe Text) Source

The maximum number of invalidation batches you want in the response body.


Response constructor

Response lenses