amazonka-cloudsearch-0.1.1: Amazon CloudSearch SDK.

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Gets the suggesters configured for a domain. A suggester enables you to display possible matches before users finish typing their queries. Can be limited to specific suggesters by name. By default, shows all suggesters and includes any pending changes to the configuration. Set the Deployed option to true to show the active configuration and exclude pending changes. For more information, see Getting Search Suggestions in the Amazon CloudSearchDeveloper Guide.



Request constructor

describeSuggesters Source

DescribeSuggesters constructor.

The fields accessible through corresponding lenses are:

Request lenses

ds1Deployed :: Lens' DescribeSuggesters (Maybe Bool) Source

Whether to display the deployed configuration (true) or include any pending changes (false). Defaults to false.

ds1DomainName :: Lens' DescribeSuggesters Text Source

The name of the domain you want to describe.

ds1SuggesterNames :: Lens' DescribeSuggesters [Text] Source

The suggesters you want to describe.


Response constructor

describeSuggestersResponse :: DescribeSuggestersResponse Source

DescribeSuggestersResponse constructor.

The fields accessible through corresponding lenses are:

Response lenses

dsrSuggesters :: Lens' DescribeSuggestersResponse [SuggesterStatus] Source

The suggesters configured for the domain specified in the request.