amazonka-cloudsearch-0.1.1: Amazon CloudSearch SDK.

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Configures the availability options for a domain. Enabling the Multi-AZ option expands an Amazon CloudSearch domain to an additional Availability Zone in the same Region to increase fault tolerance in the event of a service disruption. Changes to the Multi-AZ option can take about half an hour to become active. For more information, see Configuring Availability Options in the Amazon CloudSearch Developer Guide.



Request constructor

updateAvailabilityOptions Source

UpdateAvailabilityOptions constructor.

The fields accessible through corresponding lenses are:

Request lenses

uaoMultiAZ :: Lens' UpdateAvailabilityOptions Bool Source

You expand an existing search domain to a second Availability Zone by setting the Multi-AZ option to true. Similarly, you can turn off the Multi-AZ option to downgrade the domain to a single Availability Zone by setting the Multi-AZ option to false.


Response constructor

Response lenses

uaorAvailabilityOptions :: Lens' UpdateAvailabilityOptionsResponse (Maybe AvailabilityOptionsStatus) Source

The newly-configured availability options. Indicates whether Multi-AZ is enabled for the domain.