amazonka-cloudwatch-0.1.2: Amazon CloudWatch SDK.

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Retrieves alarms with the specified names. If no name is specified, all alarms for the user are returned. Alarms can be retrieved by using only a prefix for the alarm name, the alarm state, or a prefix for any action.



Request constructor

Request lenses

daActionPrefix :: Lens' DescribeAlarms (Maybe Text) Source

The action name prefix.

daAlarmNamePrefix :: Lens' DescribeAlarms (Maybe Text) Source

The alarm name prefix. AlarmNames cannot be specified if this parameter is specified.

daAlarmNames :: Lens' DescribeAlarms [Text] Source

A list of alarm names to retrieve information for.

daMaxRecords :: Lens' DescribeAlarms (Maybe Natural) Source

The maximum number of alarm descriptions to retrieve.

daNextToken :: Lens' DescribeAlarms (Maybe Text) Source

The token returned by a previous call to indicate that there is more data available.

daStateValue :: Lens' DescribeAlarms (Maybe StateValue) Source

The state value to be used in matching alarms.


Response constructor

describeAlarmsResponse :: DescribeAlarmsResponse Source

DescribeAlarmsResponse constructor.

The fields accessible through corresponding lenses are:

Response lenses

darMetricAlarms :: Lens' DescribeAlarmsResponse [MetricAlarm] Source

A list of information for the specified alarms.

darNextToken :: Lens' DescribeAlarmsResponse (Maybe Text) Source

A string that marks the start of the next batch of returned results.