amazonka-cloudwatch-logs-1.3.1: Amazon CloudWatch Logs SDK.

Copyright(c) 2013-2015 Brendan Hay
LicenseMozilla Public License, v. 2.0.
MaintainerBrendan Hay <>
Portabilitynon-portable (GHC extensions)
Safe HaskellNone




Deletes the destination with the specified name and eventually disables all the subscription filters that publish to it. This will not delete the physical resource encapsulated by the destination.

See: AWS API Reference for DeleteDestination.


Creating a Request

deleteDestination Source

Creates a value of DeleteDestination with the minimum fields required to make a request.

Use one of the following lenses to modify other fields as desired:

Request Lenses

ddDestinationName :: Lens' DeleteDestination Text Source

The name of destination to delete.

Destructuring the Response

deleteDestinationResponse :: DeleteDestinationResponse Source

Creates a value of DeleteDestinationResponse with the minimum fields required to make a request.