amazonka-datapipeline-0.3.1: Amazon Data Pipeline SDK.

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Returns the object definitions for a set of objects associated with the pipeline. Object definitions are composed of a set of fields that define the properties of the object.



Request constructor

describeObjects Source

DescribeObjects constructor.

The fields accessible through corresponding lenses are:

Request lenses

doEvaluateExpressions :: Lens' DescribeObjects (Maybe Bool) Source

Indicates whether any expressions in the object should be evaluated when the object descriptions are returned.

doMarker :: Lens' DescribeObjects (Maybe Text) Source

The starting point for the results to be returned. The first time you call DescribeObjects, this value should be empty. As long as the action returns HasMoreResults as True, you can call DescribeObjects again and pass the marker value from the response to retrieve the next set of results.

doObjectIds :: Lens' DescribeObjects [Text] Source

Identifiers of the pipeline objects that contain the definitions to be described. You can pass as many as 25 identifiers in a single call to DescribeObjects.

doPipelineId :: Lens' DescribeObjects Text Source

Identifier of the pipeline that contains the object definitions.


Response constructor

Response lenses

dorHasMoreResults :: Lens' DescribeObjectsResponse (Maybe Bool) Source

If True, there are more pages of results to return.

dorMarker :: Lens' DescribeObjectsResponse (Maybe Text) Source

The starting point for the next page of results. To view the next page of results, call DescribeObjects again with this marker value.

dorPipelineObjects :: Lens' DescribeObjectsResponse [PipelineObject] Source

An array of object definitions that are returned by the call to DescribeObjects.