amazonka-datapipeline-0.3.1: Amazon Data Pipeline SDK.

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Retrieve metadata about one or more pipelines. The information retrieved includes the name of the pipeline, the pipeline identifier, its current state, and the user account that owns the pipeline. Using account credentials, you can retrieve metadata about pipelines that you or your IAM users have created. If you are using an IAM user account, you can retrieve metadata about only those pipelines you have read permission for.

To retrieve the full pipeline definition instead of metadata about the pipeline, call the GetPipelineDefinition action.



Request constructor

describePipelines :: DescribePipelines Source

DescribePipelines constructor.

The fields accessible through corresponding lenses are:

Request lenses

dpPipelineIds :: Lens' DescribePipelines [Text] Source

Identifiers of the pipelines to describe. You can pass as many as 25 identifiers in a single call to DescribePipelines. You can obtain pipeline identifiers by calling ListPipelines.


Response constructor

Response lenses

dprPipelineDescriptionList :: Lens' DescribePipelinesResponse [PipelineDescription] Source

An array of descriptions returned for the specified pipelines.