amazonka-datapipeline-0.3.1: Amazon Data Pipeline SDK.

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Returns a list of pipeline identifiers for all active pipelines. Identifiers are returned only for pipelines you have permission to access.



Request constructor

listPipelines :: ListPipelines Source

ListPipelines constructor.

The fields accessible through corresponding lenses are:

Request lenses

lpMarker :: Lens' ListPipelines (Maybe Text) Source

The starting point for the results to be returned. The first time you call ListPipelines, this value should be empty. As long as the action returns HasMoreResults as True, you can call ListPipelines again and pass the marker value from the response to retrieve the next set of results.


Response constructor

Response lenses

lprHasMoreResults :: Lens' ListPipelinesResponse (Maybe Bool) Source

If True, there are more results that can be obtained by a subsequent call to ListPipelines.

lprMarker :: Lens' ListPipelinesResponse (Maybe Text) Source

If not null, indicates the starting point for the set of pipeline identifiers that the next call to ListPipelines will retrieve. If null, there are no more pipeline identifiers.

lprPipelineIdList :: Lens' ListPipelinesResponse [PipelineIdName] Source

A list of all the pipeline identifiers that your account has permission to access. If you require additional information about the pipelines, you can use these identifiers to call DescribePipelines and GetPipelineDefinition.