amazonka-datapipeline-0.3.1: Amazon Data Pipeline SDK.

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Requests that the status of an array of physical or logical pipeline objects be updated in the pipeline. This update may not occur immediately, but is eventually consistent. The status that can be set depends on the type of object, e.g. DataNode or Activity. You cannot perform this operation on FINISHED pipelines and attempting to do so will return an InvalidRequestException.



Request constructor

setStatus Source

SetStatus constructor.

The fields accessible through corresponding lenses are:

Request lenses

ssObjectIds :: Lens' SetStatus [Text] Source

Identifies an array of objects. The corresponding objects can be either physical or components, but not a mix of both types.

ssPipelineId :: Lens' SetStatus Text Source

Identifies the pipeline that contains the objects.

ssStatus :: Lens' SetStatus Text Source

Specifies the status to be set on all the objects in objectIds. For components, this can be either PAUSE or RESUME. For instances, this can be either TRY_CANCEL, RERUN, or MARK_FINISHED.


Response constructor