amazonka-ec2-0.0.3: Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud SDK.

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Creates a VPC with the specified CIDR block.

The smallest VPC you can create uses a /28 netmask (16 IP addresses), and the largest uses a /16 netmask (65,536 IP addresses). To help you decide how big to make your VPC, see Your VPC and Subnets in the Amazon Virtual PrivateCloud User Guide.

By default, each instance you launch in the VPC has the default DHCP options, which includes only a default DNS server that we provide (AmazonProvidedDNS). For more information about DHCP options, see DHCPOptions Sets in the Amazon Virtual Private Cloud User Guide.



Request constructor

createVpc Source


:: Text


-> CreateVpc 

CreateVpc constructor.

The fields accessible through corresponding lenses are:

Request lenses

cvCidrBlock :: Lens' CreateVpc Text Source

The network range for the VPC, in CIDR notation. For example, ''.

cvInstanceTenancy :: Lens' CreateVpc (Maybe Tenancy) Source

The supported tenancy options for instances launched into the VPC. A value of 'default' means that instances can be launched with any tenancy; a value of dedicated means all instances launched into the VPC are launched as dedicated tenancy instances regardless of the tenancy assigned to the instance at launch. Dedicated tenancy instances run on single-tenant hardware.

Default: 'default'


Response constructor

createVpcResponse :: CreateVpcResponse Source

CreateVpcResponse constructor.

The fields accessible through corresponding lenses are:

Response lenses

cvrVpc :: Lens' CreateVpcResponse (Maybe Vpc) Source

Information about the VPC.