amazonka-ec2-0.0.3: Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud SDK.

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Describes the modifications made to your Reserved Instances. If no parameter is specified, information about all your Reserved Instances modification requests is returned. If a modification ID is specified, only information about the specific modification is returned.

For more information, see Modifying Reserved Instances in the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud User Guide.



Request constructor

Request lenses

drimFilters :: Lens' DescribeReservedInstancesModifications [Filter] Source

One or more filters.

'client-token' - The idempotency token for the modification request.

'create-date' - The time when the modification request was created.

'effective-date' - The time when the modification becomes effective.

'modification-result.reserved-instances-id' - The ID for the Reserved Instances created as part of the modification request. This ID is only available when the status of the modification is fulfilled.

'' - The Availability Zone for the new Reserved Instances.

' ' - The number of new Reserved Instances.

'' - The instance type of the new Reserved Instances.

'' - The network platform of the new Reserved Instances ('EC2-Classic' | 'EC2-VPC').

'reserved-instances-id' - The ID of the Reserved Instances modified.

'reserved-instances-modification-id' - The ID of the modification request.

status - The status of the Reserved Instances modification request (processing | fulfilled | failed).

'status-message' - The reason for the status.

'update-date' - The time when the modification request was last updated.


Response constructor

Response lenses