amazonka-iam-0.2.3: Amazon Identity and Access Management SDK.

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Retrieves account level information about account entity usage and IAM quotas.

For information about limitations on IAM entities, see Limitations on IAMEntities in the Using IAM guide.



Request constructor


Response constructor

Response lenses

gasrSummaryMap :: Lens' GetAccountSummaryResponse (HashMap SummaryKeyType Int) Source

A set of key value pairs containing account-level information.

SummaryMap contains the following keys: AccessKeysPerUserQuota - Maximum number of access keys that can be created per user

AccountMFAEnabled - 1 if the root account has an MFA device assigned to it, 0 otherwise

AssumeRolePolicySizeQuota - Maximum allowed size for assume role policy documents (in kilobytes)

GroupPolicySizeQuota - Maximum allowed size for Group policy documents (in kilobytes)

Groups - Number of Groups for the AWS account

GroupsPerUserQuota - Maximum number of groups an IAM user can belong to

GroupsQuota - Maximum groups allowed for the AWS account

InstanceProfiles - Number of instance profiles for the AWS account

InstanceProfilesQuota - Maximum instance profiles allowed for the AWS account

MFADevices - Number of MFA devices, either assigned or unassigned

MFADevicesInUse - Number of MFA devices that have been assigned to an IAM user or to the root account

RolePolicySizeQuota - Maximum allowed size for role policy documents (in kilobytes)

Roles - Number of roles for the AWS account

RolesQuota - Maximum roles allowed for the AWS account

ServerCertificates - Number of server certificates for the AWS account

ServerCertificatesQuota - Maximum server certificates allowed for the AWS account

SigningCertificatesPerUserQuota - Maximum number of X509 certificates allowed for a user

UserPolicySizeQuota - Maximum allowed size for user policy documents (in kilobytes)

Users - Number of users for the AWS account

UsersQuota - Maximum users allowed for the AWS account