amazonka-iam-0.3.6: Amazon Identity and Access Management SDK.

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Retrieves the specified inline policy document that is embedded in the specified user.

A user can also have managed policies attached to it. To retrieve a managed policy document that is attached to a user, use GetPolicy to determine the policy's default version, then use GetPolicyVersion to retrieve the policy document.

For more information about policies, refer to Managed Policies and InlinePolicies in the Using IAM guide.



Request constructor

getUserPolicy Source

GetUserPolicy constructor.

The fields accessible through corresponding lenses are:

Request lenses

gupPolicyName :: Lens' GetUserPolicy Text Source

The name of the policy document to get.

gupUserName :: Lens' GetUserPolicy Text Source

The name of the user who the policy is associated with.


Response constructor

Response lenses

guprUserName :: Lens' GetUserPolicyResponse Text Source

The user the policy is associated with.