amazonka-route53-0.0.4: Amazon Route 53 SDK.

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To retrieve a single geo location, send a GET request to the '2013-04-01/geolocation' resource with one of these options: continentcode | countrycode | countrycode and subdivisioncode.



Request constructor

getGeoLocation :: GetGeoLocation Source

GetGeoLocation constructor.

The fields accessible through corresponding lenses are:

Request lenses

gglContinentCode :: Lens' GetGeoLocation (Maybe Text) Source

The code for a continent geo location. Note: only continent locations have a continent code.

Valid values: AF | AN | AS | EU | OC | NA | SA

Constraint: Specifying ContinentCode with either CountryCode or SubdivisionCode returns an InvalidInput error.

gglCountryCode :: Lens' GetGeoLocation (Maybe Text) Source

The code for a country geo location. The default location uses * for the country code and will match all locations that are not matched by a geo location.

The default geo location uses a * for the country code. All other country codes follow the ISO 3166 two-character code.

gglSubdivisionCode :: Lens' GetGeoLocation (Maybe Text) Source

The code for a country's subdivision (e.g., a province of Canada). A subdivision code is only valid with the appropriate country code.

Constraint: Specifying SubdivisionCode without CountryCode returns an InvalidInput error.


Response constructor

Response lenses

gglrGeoLocationDetails :: Lens' GetGeoLocationResponse GeoLocationDetails Source

A complex type that contains the information about the specified geo location.